The 23rd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival





Aradi Kamaraszínház & The Tiger Lillies, Hungary/Romania /UK

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Duration: 1h 50min

How you should live your guilt? How to become a no one?
Heads or tails? Be careful, you might lose your head!  Guil!?… Ros!?

Two hapless minor characters, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, take center stage. Even they have no idea about who they are or their purpose and speculate endlessly about what they should do next.

Their only moments of sharp definition come when the characters from Hamlet sweep on stage, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern briefly speak the lines and act the parts created for them by Shakespeare.

The original text written by Tom Stoppard, in 1967, exploits the story of two characters from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, putting The Prince Hamlet, about we have no doubt that he became mad        ( Oh!) on the second plan.

In Stoppard’s absurd tragicomedy, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, these two muzzy guys don’t know exactly who is who, they seem to have no past and the future is fatal anyway…During the play, they try to find out their identity and the story from the Castel goes alongside them, usually in their absence, while they are talking about life and death, theatre and other fun stuff.

You start to care about them even if you know for sure, about their silence from the end…

The famous British band The Tiger Lillies will sing live during the performance, creating with their well known ingenious tonnes an original, dynamic and a bit awkward atmosphere.

For Rosencrantz, the actor Tege Antal received the famous prize „Őze Lajos” for  The Best Masculine Role at Gyula Shakespeare Festival (Hungary).

Co-production: Aradi Kamaraszinhaz, The Classical Theatre “Ioan Slavici”, Arad, Romania and Shakespeare Festival – Gyula Castel Theatre, Hungary.

  • Creators:
  • Cast:

Text: Tom Stoppard
Directed by: Tapasztó Ernő
Production: Aradi Kamaraszínház
Music: The Tiger Lillies
Dramaturgy: Nótáros Lajos, Fekete Réka, Tapasztó Ernő
Scenography: Albert Alpár
Costumes: Janó Papp
Light desigh: Ioan Horga
Director’s assistants: Fekete Réka, Norbert Dina

Rosencrantz: Tege Antal
Guildenstern: Gulyás Attila
Tragedian: Horsány Atilla
Hamlet: Lung László Zsolt
Ophelia: Alexandra Gîtlan
Claudius: Sándor Köleséri
Gertrud: Éder Enikő
Polonius, Tragedian: Zoltan Lovas
Tragedian: Iulia Pop

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